Board Advisors

Board Advisors was founded in 2005 based on the principle "entrepreneurs advise entrepreneurs". Since then, a large number of medium-sized companies in Europe and the USA have been supported by us as M&A experts (mergers & acquisitions) and management consultants. At the same time, we have provided services that have helped our customers to expand in various ways, but have also been instrumental in the acquisition and sales of companies. The Board Advisors’ partners now look back on more than 80 completed transactions with a total volume of more than € 800 million / CHF 860 million.


Board Advisors has worked very successfully in strategic and management development and in the general support of entrepreneurs in the USA, Europe and Asia. In this context, we have been able to contribute our industry-specific know-how in the sectors of IT hardware and software, distribution, media, investment management and mobile communications.

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The Team

Christoph Löslein, PartnerRainer Klamt, PartnerUrs Niederberger, PartnerMartin Schmid, PartnerSwetlana Hartung, ProjektmanagerinWalter Boreatti, PartnerFelix Brokatzky, Projektmanager


Strategy Development and Business Planning

As management consultants, we support owners and managements in the development and formulation of their business strategy. We rely on methods developed by us that we have successfully used in a large number of projects. As a result, there is coordinated company planning, which serves the owner, the management and the employees as a guideline for future thinking and action.

Expansion Sales and Marketing

The best strategy and the most superior products are of little value if they are not successfully marketed. We advise, guide and support you in the development and expansion of national and international sales structures.

Management Development and Executive Coaching

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs from owner-managed SMEs. As an entrepreneurial consultant, we support our clients in relevant organizational issues.

Expansion Financing

Growth needs to be financed, be it working capital or longer-term investments. Based on corporate strategy and planning, we support you in the construction of investment cases and in the search for capital providers.


If companies want to grow, this is done organically or through the acquisition of companies or parts of companies. As M&A experts, we assist you with the analysis, evaluation and structuring of takeovers so that you can achieve your strategic goals faster and more reliably.


Company Sale and Succession Planning

We comprehensively advise domestic and foreign companies and their owners in the sale of their company, as a whole or partially. Depending on the wishes of the customer, we plan and execute the entire M&A process or lend support in individual topics or phases.

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