In today's rapidly changing environment, executive teams and entrepreneurs are continuously being offered growth opportunities while, at the same time, they are facing challenges to the successful accomplishment of their corporate and individual goals. Therefore, a sound and clear business strategy is vital, along with the further development and efficient execution of this strategy.

Furthermore, succession solutions and divestments, financing of growth as well as developing the next generation of leaders are all typical challenges that often face mid-sized companies. Regardless of whether you are a business founder or owner, CxO or manager, our company offers support and help towards achieving your strategic goals, allowing your business to grow and excel. Our services enable you to define and formulate strategy as well as coaching and expanding your management capacity. Although our services are applicable to any kind of organisation, we have extensive insights into the following markets: IT Software and Services (particularly in the segments, ECM and Document Capture), IT hardware, IT retail & distribution, e-commerce, renewable energy and the financial services industry.

All Board Advisors partners have extensive entrepreneurial backgrounds and have had leading corporate positions. In addition to on-going strategy development and coaching mandates, we have worked on more than 60 transactions, of which many were cross-border, with a total volume of over € 500 million.

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